th|AIR|apy is a professional non-profit organization [501(c)(3)], created in 2019 to improve and advocate for the mental health of Flight Attendants. th|AIR|apy is positioned as a trusted organization in the aviation industry to connect with airlines worldwide, the media, conduct necessary report research that supports insights and analysis of Flight Attendants’ mental health. th|AIR|apy aims to connect Flight Attendants of all airlines domestic or international to a free peer to peer text line, affordable or cost-free professional mental health services, and advocacy. th|AIR|apy works to educate the aviation industry and community about mental health and mental illness that affects Flight Attendants.

Our Mission

To improve the mental health and emotional wellbeing of Flight Attendants and aviation professionals through peer to peer support, financial access, and advocacy. We believe every aviator deserves access to care, resources, and treatment.

Our Vision

A world where all aviators affected by mental illness can thrive supported by their community.

“I set up th|AIR|apy when I was suffering with my own mental health in 2018. My depression, anxiety, and PTSD were affecting my daily life, and I needed help. As a last ditch effort to live, I wanted to know if there were other Flight Attendants struggling like me in aviation, but I just didn’t know how to meet them. So, I created a peer support group that allows Flight Attendants to talk together without fear or judgment and connect with each other. Out of that was born the world renown th|AIR|apy Text Line. It has now grown to become a national award winning organization and I am incredibly proud of the extraordinary community it has become today. I hope we continue to grow, thrive and reach as many Flight Attendants worldwide, needing this sort of help and support.

-Nas Lewis (Founder of th|AIR|apy)



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