Flight Attendant Therapy Fund & Emergency Assistance

The Details:

The Flight Attendant Therapy Fund provides financial support for up to 4-6 sessions with a psychotherapist. Applicants can request up to $150 per session.

Flight Attendant Therapy Fund recipients will have access to broad list of mental health professionals across the country providing open, understanding, high quality, competent services to Flight Attendants. Therapists that want or understand the lifestyle and give us access to proper mental health care. With therapy sessions costing an average of $80 – $300 per session, we have selected the directories below to increase the likelihood that participants are able to financially afford therapy after the end of the 4-6 sessions supported by th|AIR|apy’s Flight Attendant Therapy Fund.

  • Psychology Today; Click here for their directory.
  • National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network;Click here for their directory.
  • Black Female Therapists; Click here for their directory.
  • Mental Health Match: Click here for their directory
  • Therapy Den: Click here for their directory
  • Being Seen: Click here for their directory
  • Therapy for Black Girls; Click here for their directory.
  • Open Path Collective; Click herefor their directory. th|AIR|apy will reimburse you for the $69 one-time lifetime membership fee. **Proof of payment is required for reimbursement
  • Talkspace: Click here for their website.

While at th|AIR|apy we do not provide therapists or schedule users therapy sessions, we do provide directories that can be used as a resource to find a therapist. The Flight Attendant Therapy Fund voucher can be used with any therapist in the United States that chooses to accept them and if a therapist does not accept them we do offer direct reimbursement to all recipients of the th|AIR|apy Therapy Fund voucher.

th|AIR|apy Emergency Assistance Fund:

We support Flight Attendants in times of crisis by providing one-time grants of funds.

If you or another Flight Attendant you know could benefit from a grant from the th|AIR|apy Emergency Assistance Fund please complete the application below. All information will be kept confidential. If we are able to fund the application, we will be in touch.

Please note: Our Emergency Assistance Fund and Flight Attendant Therapy Fund signup form opens on a quarterly basis. Upon signing up, you can expect to receive a follow-up email within 1-2 weeks. If the form is closed when you visit, no worries, add your email and we’ll notify you when it reopens.

A long story is not necessary, but details are helpful (i.e. employer's name, specific diagnoses, dates, disability). If you are submitting a receipt for reimbursement for therapy services please specify. Our program aims to support Flight Attendants in meeting essential expenses such as utilities, groceries, and other vital living costs during times of crisis. *We do not cover medical bills, car repairs, rent or mortgage assistance or expenses unrelated to the Flight Attendant applying at this time.

Please be as specific as possible, and list concrete things that would be of assistance to you. th|AIR|apy provides grants of funds only and it is not sent directly to the recipient. (Ex. utility assistance sent directly to company) **We are unable provide connections with service providers (therapy being the exception), or promote fundraisers, products, or businesses. Explain your need if this is for the th|AIR|apy mental health fund application.

**All questions have been answered truthfully and to the best of my knowledge



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