Happy Flight Attendant Appreciation Day

Dear Flight Attendants,

Today is a special day, on the behalf of myself, and the th|AIR|apy Board, I wish you all a Happy Flight Attendant (Appreciation) Day. The first International Flight Attendant Day was celebrated in 2015 on May 31 in Canada. A Canadian Union reportedly decided to honor and celebrate the tenacity and hard work of Flight Attendants. Since then, the International Flight Attendant Day celebration has been hosted in different countries for many years now.

This day is traditionally celebrated by observing the many selfless Flight Attendants, YOU… who do your job, often without the significant compensation or appreciation, to ensure that those who fly with us have the utmost safety and comfort while flying the various airlines in the air.

Working as a flight attendant has changed over the years; what was once a glamorous job has become more strenuous and most are on the verge of giving up. Our jobs as Flight Attendants has become much more difficult than before, and we knowingly face a new era of uncertainty every time we put on those “coveted” uniforms.

You who are not in the industry can celebrate this day by reading up on the airline industry, the history of the Flight Attendant profession, and being more appreciative and respectful of the Flight Attendants responsible for your safety while you take your next flight. Make a point of thanking your Flight Attendants and letting them know their service and presence are appreciated.

REMEMBER…….. above all else Flight Attendants are safety professionals (First Responders) who are always ready to jump in during a crisis whether it be smoke in the cabin, a medical issue or addressing an issue with our passengers.

On this day of appreciation, take a moment and appreciate yourself and your colleagues for all the hard work we do every day, all day. Remember who you are, your sacrifices and your training. Flight Attendants, you are doing amazing work protecting yourself, each other, and our passengers.  You push through despite the many mental health struggles you face.

On behalf of myself, your Founder, and the th|AIR|apy Board, we thank you for your service to mankind and to yourself.

Happy Flight Attendant Appreciation Day,

Nas Lewis,

Founder & CEO,  th|AIR|apy, Inc

NOTE: If you are ever in distress, searching for resources or need someone to speak to text “I need help” to 833-532-1096 

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